Have you ever noticed when you are immersed in a creative project you are typically happy, lose track of time, and it doesn’t seem like anything is ‘missing’ from your life? That’s how we feel. We seek out creative ideas, people, and projects because they keep us joyful. Creativity seems to go hand in hand with curiosity, the lifeblood of passion. Most of us never get the benefit of having tons of money to throw at a problem, instead, we use our ingenuity, creativity, and curiosity to reframe problems, and find solutions. Creative people implement interesting places and experiences which help our community aspire and thrive.

Our Values


Our Values

Our work is inspired by five motifs that have followed us through life. From the earliest infatuations of our youth to the deepest relationships we have today, these motifs are the thread that weaves our lives together and holds our values in place.

Julie Young

Julie Young


Julie has been active in the development community for over 35 years, and has worked with many top-tier companies, such as The Heller Company, The Voit Companies, DCT Industrial, Valley Commercial Contractors, and The Lewis Trust Group. Julie formed Urban Elements, Inc., a design and development company, in 2007. She has served as property manager, developer, and/or project management for various retail, commercial, industrial, and hotel projects. Her largest completed project is the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, an $80 million-dollar, multi-phase property restoration.

Ean Young

Ean Young

Project Administrator

Ean has worked in the construction and development industry in Houston and Sacramento for five years. Product type has included: mixed-use, automobile dealerships, residential, and commercial.

“When in doubt,
choose change."
Lily Leung

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